Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dennis Gelbaum - Sharing My Passion For Travelling and Photography

Dennis Gelbaum is an international award winning Creative Director, Producer, Director, Author and Inventor and is presently the CEO/Managing Director of ramp it up entertainment - a full service creative boutique and multimedia production resource company. "I love to travel and 'capture' the images that motivate and inspire me. In this video, I'm sharing my passion for still life, advertising, catalogue and brochure photography. Enjoy the trip!"

Dennis has worked with clients all over the world, producing and directing hundreds of commercials, promos, trailers, music videos, live multimedia events and concert (tours, festivals, fairs) productions, multimedia interactive presentations (meetings, product introductions, in-store promotions and museum exhibits), corporate films/videos and hours of long/short form programming and content for theatrical release, broadcast, web and mobile.

Dennis is the author (featured in the '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' by Danielle Hampson and Don McCauley) of the novel, 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt' (http://www.beyondreasonabledoubtbook.com) and 'Something About Going Home', a book of original poetry and illustrations by Christina Qualiana. He invented the Buddy Light Illuminated Safety Leash, featured at The Sharper Image and many national retail/specialty outlets. And Dennis received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from American University and established the NAVARAC Scholarship...an annual contribution providing students funds, services and resources to help them complete film/video/multimedia projects.

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