Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dennis Gelbaum Returns to ramp it up entertainment

Dennis Gelbaum Returns to ramp it up entertainment.

After spending the past year as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Creative Director of Input Group, North America, one of the largest event companies in the world, Dennis has returned to lead ramp it up entertainment through 2014 and beyond.

ramp it up entertainment is a full service creative boutique and brand experience agency and multimedia production company. He also created Production Concierge Services – connecting corporations and agencies to the multimedia production industry with the finest pre-production, production and post-production services and resources in the world and providing clients with access to an in-house, full service, industry focused travel and incentive agency.

Dennis will lead and manage teams of creative, production, business development and logistical strategists. "From the theatrical to the practical, a single speaker to a symphony orchestra, hundreds of performers simultaneously juggling power tools while riding unicycles, suspending seventy-five feet long dragon kites from the ceiling of a 10 story atrium, to projecting laser/animated images onto the sides of buildings, I bring a little magic to each and every event I produce."

Dennis works with clients all over the world, collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams to conceive and execute brand funded content and interactive branding experiences for two to tens of thousands of participants. Dennis has directed and/or produced hundreds of commercials, promos, trailers, music videos, live multimedia interactive events (concerts, tours, festivals, meetings, product introductions, in-store promotions and museum exhibits), corporate awareness and fundraising films/videos and hours of long & short form programming and content for theatrical release, broadcast, web and mobile. “I’ve often been described as being an innovator, out of the box thinker, superior leader and manager. (LOL) I am all those things as well as being fearless when it comes to creating, presenting, selling, planning and executing. I re-imagined the box and now there isn’t one!”

Our first project for 2014 - Kingonomics event on January 9-11th in Atlanta, GA! Other stops include Austin, Detroit, Oakland, Charlotte and Washington, DC. The events bring together experts in business and investments and entrepreneurs from across the United States and around the world where participants will converge live-in-person and online to learn, engage, connect, collaborate and participate in a diversity and inclusion initiative between One Three Media, Mark Burnett Productions and Kingonomics to assure that more companies of color have the opportunity to audition for and pitch on ABC's Shark Tank. Even more than a cutting-edge event, Kingonomics is an experience that leaves you enlightened, exposed, enabled and ready to embrace the entrepreneurial life. Participants expect a fully immersive learning and creative experience, where timely knowledge will come from thought leaders who grace our platform, or the person sitting in the seat right next to a participant.

Dennis will also be focusing on the company he established in 2009, Production Concierge Services – connecting corporations and agencies to the multimedia production industry with the finest production and post-production services and resources in the world. "And through our partner, Frenchway Travel, we can provide clients with access to an in-house, full service, industry focused travel agency."

Frenchway Travel is a full service travel agency based in New York, Paris and London. They have been working with advertising agencies, production companies, model/talent agencies and international VIP/celebrity, high profile and corporate clients for 30 years. They assure their clients high quality, personalized service responding to their needs, including commercial flights, private jets, helicopters, yachts, hotels, car rentals/private chauffeur and a variety of auxiliary travel arrangements and custom solutions. Our clients benefit from their international connections, competitive pricing, quality of service and our 24/7 availability. www.frenchwaytravel.com
We just provided 25 RT flights for Lindsay McGill at minnow eleven productions! (www.minnoweleven.com)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hammers and Hearts

September 14th, 2013, Dallas, TX - Dennis Gelbaum, COO of Input Group North America joined employees of KPMG and Neiman Marcus in support of the Hammers and Hearts Project - in the spirit of neighbors helping neighbors - as they helped bring new life to the home of Ms. Ridge. More than 50 volunteers shared the many tasks including painting, woodwork, excavating/digging out a 30 foot long trench and putting in a french drain and cleaning out/trimming the many overgrown plants and flower beds on the property. Gelbaum adds, "I was "in charge" of the landscaping crew - ME! - digging, cutting, clipping, shoveling…felt like Edward Scissorhands! A wonderful and exhausting experience for all."

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Italy's Input Group Lands in North America. The First Office Opens in New York! March 1st, 2013. Input Group Spa (www.inputgroup.eu) an Italian communications holding company and a leader in the events industry, has opened its first North American office in New York City. This is the result of the structural evolution and of the internationalization plan announced a few days ago by Input Group CEO, Matteo Deninno. “Input Group is being restructured so that it can best dialogue on a global level with clients. This is an evolution aimed at further developing our core business and strengthening the relationships we have with our present clients. We’re starting today with two branches, Input Group Europe and Input Group North America, and will then go on to open new local offices that will help us better serve our clients - worldwide. The headquarters of the holding company and of the Input Group Europe branch will remain in Italy, operating through the long-established bases in Milan and Rome." Input Group is the 17th largest events company in the world, (as ranked in the 2012 report, "50 Top Events Companies", edited by Lisa Hurley, Special Events Magazine.) They produce and manage corporate, consumer, PR and motivational events helping their clients create brand funded/sponsored multimedia content and interactive events and experiences that strengthens and unleashes the power of their brands. Input Group integrates entertainment and interactive multimedia experiences with marketing strategies – generating engagement and conversation that lasts well beyond the event. And they provide their clients with new and unique opportunities to connect with consumers and fans. Input Group promotes social and environmental projects and supports non-profits and volunteer associations worldwide. The North American branch is managed by Dennis Gelbaum, in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer of Input Group North America. Gelbaum will be responsible for introducing the range of services and resources offered by Input Group into the United States, Canada and Mexico. He will be managing a team of creatives, producers and business affairs and development strategists that will generate corporate and consumer focused branding events and experiences and multimedia content for North American clients. Dennis Gelbaum adds, "What separates Input Group from its competitors is simple, we think differently! With more than 30 years of experience, results driven strategic thinking, creative problem solving, technical and logistical abilities and providing integrated and interactive responses to meet client needs, we are uniquely positioned to supervise multimedia and interactive event design and production (festivals, conventions, town hall and shareholder/investor meetings, product launches, press conferences, political events, concerts), live remote & studio video and audio production & post production, negotiate contracts (including talent), rates and oversee contractors and vendors, budgeting and scheduling. We specialize in turnkey event production. We will be helping our clients align their internal and external communications, marketing and promotional strategies, identifying corporate event sponsorship opportunities and providing innovative, interactive, multimedia creative solutions." Input Group has a staff of more than 90 professionals, produces more than 250 events annually and has won 37 national and international awards in the past five years. Their impressive client list includes: 20th Century Fox - Abbott - Acer - Adidas - Alitalia - Audi - Bayer - BMW - Bosch - Bristol-Myers Squibb - Buitoni - Chanel - Cisco - Citroën - Coca-Cola HBC - Coca-Cola Italia - Eli-Lilly- Ernest & Young - Fiat - Genertel - Goodyear Dunlop - Google - Gruppo Piaggio - Heineken Italia - Henkel - HP Italia - Ina Assitalia - Intesa Sanpaolo - JTI Japan Tobacco Intl. - L’Oréal - Lavazza - LG Electronics - Mastercard - McDonald’s - Mediaset - Mediocredito Italiano - Mercedes-Benz - Nestlè - Nissan - Pepsico Food & Beverages - Perugina - Pfizer - Pirelli - Reckitt-Benckiser - Roche - Samsung Electronics - Schering Plough - Shell - Siemens - Sky Italia - Sony - Stryker - Telecom Italia - TeleTu - UBI Banca - UniCredit Group - Vodafone - Volvo - and many more. Link to Input Group’s showreel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiEXkzZElN8 For more information, contact: Dennis Gelbaum, Chief Operating Officer Input Group North America dennis.gelbaum@inputgroup.eu Alessandra Lanza, PR & Marketing manager alessandra.lanza@inputgroup.eu Brenda De Biasio, Press officer brenda.debiasio@inputgroup.eu

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Input Group | North America Ramps It Up with Dennis Gelbaum

I started (1.14.2013) my new gig as Chief Operating Officer of the Input Group|North America (www.inputgroup.eu), the 17th largest event company in the world! I will be focused on introducing our services and resources to North America, Mexico and South America, building, leading and managing a team of creative, production, business and logistical strategists and helping clients create brand funded/sponsored multimedia content and interactive events and experiences that strengthens the power of their brands.
With more than 30 years experience, Input Group is a leader in the event industry – creating, producing and managing corporate, consumer, PR and motivational events for clients worldwide. We are skilled at conceiving and producing strategic brand funded/sponsored entertainment, multimedia content and interactive experiences - making each and every event unique and spectacular. Input Group has offices in Milan, Rome and New York, a staff of more than 90 professionals and has earned more than 35 national and international awards in the last four years! Input Group, North America Dennis Gelbaum Chief Operating Officer 101 Park Avenue, 23rd Floor New York, NY 10178 ofc | 1 212 251 3361 fax | 1 212 251 3362 mobile 1 |1 201 887 6012 mobile2 | 1 917 499 5742 skype: dennisgelbaum www.inputgroup.eu