Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dolphin Boy will promote literacy - launches Kickstarter campaign!

Kids need to read and Dolphin Boy will help promote childhood literacy. Dolphin Boy will also create QTE - a quality time experience between children and their families.

'Dolphin Boy' will feature pop-up illustrations, pages to color and access to a downloadable soundtrack. The book will be accompanied by an interactive website where visitors can share stories (multimedia) about friendships - imaginary and real - and connect with others (socially) who have engaging, motivating and inspiring  stories to tell and share. The story of Dolphin Boy will also be re-created as an animated web based series and feature film.
Phase One: The first round of funding will be used to create the book, launch the website, and record the soundtrack/theme song.  ($150000 - expected delivery date Jan 2017) 
Phase Two: second round of funding will be used to expand the website, complete the soundtrack and start work on the animated web series. ($250000 - expected delivery Jan 2018) 
Phase Three: The third round of funding will be used to complete the animated series.  ($350000 - expected delivery date Sept 2019) 
The biggest risk we face - after Funding Phase One and completing the book - is not having enough funding for Phase Two and Three. 
The Story of Dolphin Boy
Caleb is a ten-year old boy who has the ability to communicate with dolphins. Although he tries to convince others of his unique and often magical ability, no one believes him – except for his best friend and neighbor Sara and her father Sam, who is a Marine Biologist and a Professor at the local University.
Caleb has been diagnosed with a life ending disease and although he has days when he feels he can do anything, he is digressing very quickly. The doctor’s agree that he has very little time left and they recommend that he spend his time out of the hospital and at home with his family. They offer the family very little in the way of comfort but do try to prepare them for the inevitable. They are told Caleb will die within the next few weeks.
Every afternoon, Caleb, Sara and Sam visit the beach and swim in the ocean. Sam is amazed to see the number of dolphins who appear and he begins to notice that their numbers are increasing each day. When Caleb enters the ocean, dolphins instantly surround him. And with every swim in the ocean, with every touch of a dolphin, Caleb gains some of his strength back. But the improvements in Caleb’s condition are only temporary, remaining for less than a few hours after swimming in the ocean.
One morning, Caleb calls his parents into his room. He calls for Sara and Sam too. He tells everyone that he is OK and that he is ready to die. He assures everyone that he is not in pain, but that he must go now. He explains that he wants to go out on the family boat.
Caleb, his parents, Sara and Sam are in the family boat holding Caleb, who is going in and out of consciousness. He whispers to his mother and father that they need to place him in the ocean. He wants to feel the coolness of the sea. They reluctantly agree. They jump overboard and Sam and Sara gently hand Caleb to them. As they do, dolphins appear, swimming right up to the family.
One of the dolphins places his head in Caleb's outstretched hands. Caleb strokes the dolphin and the dolphin responds to Caleb’s touch and sounds. Caleb looks up to his mom and asks her to let him go. She doesn’t know what he means. Caleb tells her that she needs to let him go with the dolphins. She becomes hysterical and as she and her husband loosen their grip on their son, a miracle begins to occur.

Caleb grows stronger and a bright light shines through his eyes and his smile provides a sense of warmth and calmness for everyone. He takes one last look at his parents, Sam and Sarah and says goodbye. Caleb is slowly transformed into a dolphin and jumps high in the air as if to celebrate life. He is alive and he is home. He will be missed but never forgotten.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

At ramp it up entertainment we are always looking for innovative and spectacular ways to help our clients strengthen their brands and connect with consumers and fans. 

Any Sport, Any Venue, Any Time ™
I would like to introduce you to Sportrons, the largest digital out of home sports network in America and the concept of "Implied Sponsorships". Implied Sponsorship is the ability to associate a brand to a sports team, event or venue at a fraction of the cost of a regular sponsorship. Implied Sponsorships offer advertisers a cost effective way to reach avid sports fans across the US with digital engagement programs. The Sportrons Network covers professional sports, minor league sports, college sports, motorsports, and golf. 

ramp it up entertainment and Sportrons can deliver a 360° approach to reach fans with greater on-site activation! Give your brand, "The Implied Sponsorship Effect."

For more information about Sportrons, please contact Dan Kost at or call Dan at 312-436-0500 Ext. 1 and visit

To discuss your next multimedia or interactive event project, please email me at or call me at 201-887-6012.

I look forward to learning more about your goals, challenges and upcoming projects and exploring the many ways we can help you GET YOUR BRAND IN THE GAME AND EVENT BETTER! 

ramp it up entertainment is a full service creative boutique and brand experience agency and multimedia production company. We provide creative advertising, marketing and promotion strategies, sponsorship activation, event design, planning, production and management, live remote and studio film/video and audio production and post production. We offer our clients access to multimedia production resources and services in more than 100 countries through our company, Production Concierge Services and international travel through our partner, Frenchway Travel.
Production Concierge Services

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

ramp it up entertainment specializes in turnkey event production and management. From concept through execution, we supervise event design and production, live remote and studio film/video and audio production and post production. We create and produce extraordinary ideas fueled by data, creativity and technology. We can help you EVENT BETTER!  

ramp it up entertainment is a full service creative boutique and brand experience agency and multimedia production company. We provide creative advertising, marketing and promotion strategies, sponsorship activation, event planning, production and management and multimedia production resources and services in more than 100 countries through our company, Production Concierge Services and international travel through our partner Frenchway Travel.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I would like to introduce you to ramp it up entertainment. We specialize in turnkey event production and management. From concept through execution, we supervise event design and production (festivals, conventions, meetings, product launches, press conferences, political events, concerts), live remote and studio film/video and audio production and post production, negotiating contracts, (including talent), rates and oversee contractors and vendors, union and non-union, budgeting, and scheduling. We create extraordinary ideas fueled by data, creativity and technology. We can help you EVENT BETTER!

Our innovative and effective experiential marketing programs and promotions connect brands with consumers through their passions and interests. One of the most effective ways to build trust and grow your brand is to let customers live it, wear it, drink it, eat it and try it. Attending a branded live experience drives 65 percent of people to recommend the brand and 59 percent to buy it at retail afterwards. Every day, our experiential team is planning and executing live interactive multimedia programs for clients who want to bring their brands to their consumers in unique, multisensory, relevant and memorable ways. ramp it up entertainment and our partners design, develop, manage and flawlessly execute experiential programs that engage, motivate and inspire - connecting with customers at every possible touch point online, off-line, in store, out of store or mobile. And we develop and implement unique, solution driven sponsorship activations that support key brand marketing and business initiatives and strategies. We can help you unleash the power of your brand and EVENT BETTER!

We’re imagining possibilities for brands. We create and produce original, multimedia live events/interactive branding experiences for two to hundreds of thousands of participants. These events engage, motivate and inspire. From the theatrical to the practical, a single speaker to a symphony orchestra, hundreds of performers simultaneously juggling power tools while riding unicycles, suspending seventy-five feet long dragon kites from the ceiling of a 10 story atrium, to projecting laser/animated images onto the sides of buildings, we bring a little magic to each and every event we produce. With over twenty+ years of proven experience in building brands, we produce results that far exceed goals, projections and expectations.

We've taken our award winning creative and production skills, married them with unique distribution strategies – including the web, mobile, social media networking and barter distribution – to come up with a unique business model that is helping companies create impact. We connect brands to consumers and consumers to brands.

We believed in the power of extraordinary ideas. At ramp it up entertainment, we believe in the power of storytelling and creating interactive multimedia brand funded experiences to motivate, inspire and engage. From the campfire to the web, authentic stories unite communities, build bridges and create connections. Rooted in the primal, human experience of communication, we embrace the power of creativity, technology and social media to deliver engaging content to audiences in ways both resonant and meaningful. We create pathways for people, institutions, companies and brands to tell their story. Let us help you tell your story and help you build, strengthen and unlock the power of your brand. How can we help you EVENT BETTER?

In 2007, I created ramp it up entertainment, a full service creative boutique and brand experience agency and multimedia production company. In 2009, I created Production Concierge Services offering clients access to production and post production services and resources worldwide (in more than 100 countries) and access to Frenchway Travel - a full service travel agency - who has worked with advertising agencies, production companies, model/talent agencies and international VIP/celebrity, high profile and corporate clients for more than 30 years!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Robert Graham Welcomes The Gold Rush Rally To NYC!

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Dennis Gelbaum | Executive Creative Director - ramp it up entertainment - worked closely with Neal Kusnetz, President - Robert Graham ( to help define and refine the creative and business strategy for their sponsorship activation and event production for the NYC arrival and Grand Finale of the Gold Rush Rally (  – a cross country, premiere automotive lifestyle rally – featuring more than one hundred of the world’s most exotic automobiles. Thousands of people enjoyed the parade of vehicles through the West Village and by the Robert Graham retail store at 380 Bleecker Street, between Perry and Charles Streets. Hundreds of VIP’s were served food provided by California Pizza Kitchen. A % of the proceeds from the event were donated to the Taylor Lynn Foundation - a charity centered around enriching children’s lives. (

Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Those who tell stories shape society" Plato

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