Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dennis Gelbaum - Sharing My Passion For Travelling and Photography

Dennis Gelbaum is an international award winning Creative Director, Producer, Director, Author and Inventor and is presently the CEO/Managing Director of ramp it up entertainment - a full service creative boutique and multimedia production resource company. "I love to travel and 'capture' the images that motivate and inspire me. In this video, I'm sharing my passion for still life, advertising, catalogue and brochure photography. Enjoy the trip!"

Dennis has worked with clients all over the world, producing and directing hundreds of commercials, promos, trailers, music videos, live multimedia events and concert (tours, festivals, fairs) productions, multimedia interactive presentations (meetings, product introductions, in-store promotions and museum exhibits), corporate films/videos and hours of long/short form programming and content for theatrical release, broadcast, web and mobile.

Dennis is the author (featured in the '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' by Danielle Hampson and Don McCauley) of the novel, 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt' (http://www.beyondreasonabledoubtbook.com) and 'Something About Going Home', a book of original poetry and illustrations by Christina Qualiana. He invented the Buddy Light Illuminated Safety Leash, featured at The Sharper Image and many national retail/specialty outlets. And Dennis received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from American University and established the NAVARAC Scholarship...an annual contribution providing students funds, services and resources to help them complete film/video/multimedia projects.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Dan Smee, (Veteran, Author, Motivational Speaker), Shoba Sreenivasan, (Forensic Psychologist, Author) and Vince Taschetti, (Writer, Photographer) have joined the 'Fall In Love With America Again!' Project.

'Fall In Love With America Again!' (created by Evie Evangelou, Amber Roniger and Dennis Gelbaum) is an innovative, timely and important new documentary style broadcast, web and mobile based interactive multimedia series highlighting stories from across America…our stories - about why we love America and why others need to Fall In Love With America Again!

Here's how it works - we are inviting everyone to have fun, be creative, entertaining and inspiring - tell us your story - told through short stories, letters, videos, photographs, original songs, illustrations, poetry, recipes and more. Post your work on the web, tell everyone you know (tell us too) where 'it' is, make sure they comment about your work and pass 'it' along to their friends who should pass 'it' along to their friends… Our panel of judges will select the top ten winners (based on the number of views/likes/votes you get and the quality of the work...from each category. (Yes, this is a competition - we are looking for the next great American song, video, photograph, illustration…) The 'winners' - the work, the author, the artist, the performer - will be recognized through our sites/media and invited to join us on tour as part of the Fall In Love With America Again! National Touring Show and Interactive Exhibit.

For more information about the project, check out
and our promotional video at:

"Being involved with the 'Fall in Love with America - Again' project is right up my alley. I love the opportunity to meet other patriotic Americans who display their love for country through song, story or poem. It's this unwavering devotion to the principles that the Founding Fathers based this country - to allow for individual creativity, self-reliance, optimism, no limits to what you can be - that makes my heart pound with pride. American draws others to her because of the strong belief in the individual's right to liberty and pursuing happiness according to their talents. We truly are the luckiest people earth!"

Dennis Gelbaum adds, "Dan joins us as a participant, judge (short stories) and goodwill ambassador. Dan is an inspiration. His values of integrity, honor and personal courage have given him the motivation and drive to succeed and help others succeed…and we are sure his passion will motivate others to Fall In Love With America Again!"

Dan Smee was the first person in his family to join the military. He became a Medic and then a Paratrooper. He was discharged from the Army in 1987 and began a long civilian career with Federal Express. When 9-11 hit Dan knew he had to do something to defend our country and so he joined the Army National Guard. He was deployed to Iraq in March of 2004 and served as a combat medic in "Operation Iraqi Freedom" (O.I.F.). That one-year tour in Iraq was profound and life changing; war has a way of cutting to the chase what is important in life. Dan's core values define who he was, is, and will always be--to be disciplined, fulfill his obligations, and have integrity, honor, and personal courage His book, Totally American (http://www.holymolypress.com/home) reflects those core values and that of other returning veterans- i.e., to take advantage of the opportunities that this great country of our offers, and whose ideals they were willing to die for.

“I am honored to be involved in the 'Fall in Love with America-Again" project. As a child of immigrants from India, I grew up with a keen awareness of how much I was given just by this choice of my parents to move here. As a scientist my father saw the enormous opportunities that America afforded to all. And I grew up with that awareness - that this was a unique place on earth where hard work is rewarded, where creativity is fostered. Just think of the Americans whose unique ideas and inventions changed how we live: Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers - just to name a few. I do love America, our fierce independence and individualism. And so, I look forward to reading about love of country!"

Dennis Gelbaum adds, "Shoba joins us as a participant, judge (short stories) and goodwill ambassador. Shoba holds an academic position at USC, publishes papers, and works at the V.A. and has been inspired by veterans - their valor, their pride, their optimism and their loud proclamations in support of our country. Her appreciation for America's work in progress with all its good steps, bad steps, and missteps and that we are a country of reflection, of change, of hope, and of assimilation of the world - will inspire others to Fall In Love With America Again!"

Shoba Sreenivasan was born in Columbus, Ohio, and moved to India at the age of three. Her father’s heart was captivated by the United States, and they returned a few years later. Shoba hated the question, “Where are you from?” because she wanted to say, “Right here, the U.S. of A., just like you.” When Roots, the TV series became a hit, and the hyphenation of American identity came into popularity, suddenly, “Where are you from?” was an acknowledgement that we were all from somewhere else; this is a country composed of a tapestry of people. Shoba obtained a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from UCLA and received post- doctoral training in forensic psychology from USC. It is her work with countless veterans that has touched her the most. She is awed by their valor, their pride, their optimism, and their loud proclamations in support of our country. She co- wrote Totally American. (http://www.holymolypress.com/home)

"Asking me to be a part of this important, powerful and timely project renews my strong sense of pride as an American. Growing up in New York and having been raised in a strong and dedicated family devoted to honor and respect for our country and each other gave me the courage and the privileged to travel across this amazing country. Our America is filled with beauty, history, creativity, and dreams, a land dedicated to freedom. We seem to have lost our way in America. Perhaps a project as exciting as this will bring us to unity and once again we’ll share a more positive view of this great land. Dennis Gelbaum is a longtime friend and visionary. I honor him. I look forward to giving my time and efforts to help others ‘Fall In Love With America Again!"

Dennis Gelbaum adds, "We are very excited to welcome Vince as a participant (photography, illustration and short stories), judge (photography and illustration) and as a goodwill ambassador. He is not only brilliant and so very creative/talented, he is passionate about life, living and the pursuit of happiness. Vince's energy is sure to be contagious and help us attract more contributors and supporters and help others Fall In Love With America Again!"

Vince Taschetti is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NY, majoring in advertising design, film and photography. He also attended the National Academy of Design in NY, studying painting and fresco and The School of Practical Philosophy. As a Creative Director at BBDO Worldwide, New York, Vince handled such accounts as GE, Gillette, Apple, Pierre Cardin, L’air du Temps, Firestone, Chrysler/Dodge, Navy, Avis, Caress, Pizza Hut, DuPont and many others. His work on GE and Gillette won him many creative awards and international recognition. Vince has co-written some of the most well known advertising campaign lines; Gillette . “The best a man can get”, Pizza Hut. “You’ll love the stuff we’re made of”, Apple. “The power to be your best”, “You’re drinking Diet Pepsi and it shows”. Vince carries his cameras with him everywhere and he has exhibited his work at the BBDO Gallery in NY and recently at the Marie Selbey Gardens in Sarasota, Florida, where OneDesignVST, his design and branding company is located. Vince is presently working on “The Art of the Taxi” as well as establishing the TaschettaGallery in Florida, NY and Italy.