Thursday, March 3, 2011

"I Could Have, I Should Have" New Multimedia Interactive Project

Any regrets about the decisions you have made in your life?

"I Could Have - I Should Have"...the stories of how the decisions we made - changed the way we lived our lives. We will interview hundreds of people and invite them to tell us about the decisions they made that had the most impact on their lives - the dreams they had, the journeys they experienced, the people they met, their disappointments, their success...their thoughts on what could have been different, what should have been different - did things turn out for them the way they expected things to be or not and why? Can we help them find their way - or is it too late?

We have all thought about it - what could have been, the what ifs and what I should have done and how those decisions and actions (or in-actions) impacted our lives. "I Could Have - I Should Have" will be engaging, emotional, motivational, inspirational, humorous and more...

From the campfire to the web, authentic stories unite communities, build bridges and create connections. We will harness the power of technology to deliver engaging multimedia and interactive content to audiences in ways both resonant and meaningful, creating pathways for people to tell their story.

We will invite the members of our community to share their stories online and to keep us informed - through web and mobile - of the decisions they make on a daily basis that impact their lives.

"I Could Have - I Should Have" will be an interactive multimedia experience. We will launch a website, social networks and communities, produce a documentary film and a broadcast reality series, content for mobile, a mobile app, write a book, create an audio CD and more.

We've partnered with to raise money to support the project:
Everyone who donates gets credited/recognized/thanked. A donation of $25 receives a "I Could Have...I Should Have" t-shirt. Donations of $100 will also receive a copy of the book. Donations of $250 will also receive a copy of the CD and a thank you at the end of the book. Donations of $5000 will guarantee your story becomes part of the project. Donations of $10,000 gets you invited to exclusive, private events launching and promoting the project's phases.

Illustrations by Christina Qualiana - from "Something About Going Home" by Dennis Gelbaum. View the trailer at: