Sunday, July 15, 2018

Free Music Artist Assessment Offer.

Smile, It's a FREE Offer! On July 16th, ramp it up entertainment and Utopia Artists will be offering ReverbNation members* the opportunity to sign up for a FREE Music Artist Assessment - helping artists define and refine their brand, find new fans, advance their career and more. Yeah, it's FREE! (*For a select few. For a limited time. Some restrictions may apply.) 

If you can't wait, you can sign up for a paid assessment HERE:

Friday, July 6, 2018

Sponsorship Opportunities For Music Artists

ramp it up entertainment connects music artists to brands for sponsorship and other opportunities. 

Introduce yourself by email to by providing the following information: 

1. A bio/EPK / including Press, if applicable

2. A link to each of your social media accounts
          Facebook (Minimum 5000+)
          Twitter (Minimum 2500+)
          Instagram (Minimum 2500+)
          YouTube channel and # of subscribers 

3. Links to YouTube videos 

4. Website url 

5. Logo 

6. Fan club # of members 

7. Genre of music

8. Brands you are connected to on social media

9. Brands, if any, who are sponsoring you

10. Your hometown or primary city. Secondary city, if applicable. 

11. Top 5 markets (you've performed in) - include list of venues and size of audience 

12. Best/Most Famous Song 


     When did you release your last original?
     Where/how did you release your last original? 
     How did you promote your last original?
     How many likes, comments and shares?
     When will you release your next original?

13. Set list, if applicable 

14. How many gigs have you performed in 2017, 2018? 

15. How many gigs were “paid gigs” ?

16. When you received payment - what was the highest, the lowest?

Are You Ready To Take Your 
Music Career To The Next Level? 

If you don't meet the minimum requirements, please consider registering for our Music Artist Assessment and we can work together to create a path for your future success.