Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ramp it up entertainment - not another production company!

You are invited to join us on an adventure. We will know no boundaries and accept nothing that smells or looks or tastes like anything you have ever experienced before. We have created a company where our clients will find the most creative ideas on the planet! We will produce results that exceed expectations every time - guaranteed!

Welcome to the world of ramp it up entertainment.

We create brilliant ideas for all media. We design 'em, smash, 'em, pulverize 'em, twist, shake, spin and abuse 'em in ways you can't even imagine. It' ain't pretty - but it's effective. Then we bake 'em in our secret (patent pending) high temperature multi-purpose oven until they are cooked to perfection. And that's just the beginning.

Our ideas morph into content for broadcast, internet - podcasts, webcasts, interactive mulit-media, live events and entertainment, original scripted and unscripted short/long form programming and unique branding experiences. It's building a sense of community that embraces the world - two eyeballs at a time. We are building a company that will look like no other company. Pack a toothbrush and a change of underwear and join us for the adventure of a lifetime and experience things you’ll never forget.

Our core business will be the generation of ideas for clients looking to do something differently. It’s not about producing a TV or Radio commercial or a Billboard or Print ad - it's about creating an unforgettable experience that has the greatest impact on the community.

We will develop ideas internally and create relationships externally that provide us with property/content ownership.

Monday, October 12, 2009

ramp it up entertainment

ramp it up entertainment

ceo, dennis gelbaum

“We are a creative and full service multi-media production resource unlocking the power of brands.” We tell engaging, motivating and inspiring stories. We produce commercials, interactive and multi-media live events, unique branding experiences, music videos, short/long form original content, fundraising and awareness communications, opportunities for our clients to strengthen their brand - connect their brand to consumers and connect consumers to their brands. We produce content for all media including broadcast, web, mobile..."

Current projects include:

'Rising Stars'

Executive Producers - Antoinette Bruno, Dennis Gelbaum and Corey Rogers. Produced in association with starchefs.com

Rising Stars is a 60 Minute Broadcast Series highlighting our travel across America searching for up-and-coming chefs who best represent the contemporary dining scene. The path of each Rising Star is different and to be invited to participate in the Rising Star Revue in NYC at the Starchefs.com International Chefs Congress, our Rising Stars must be ambitious, highly skilled, creative and have the ability to turn a delicious meal into an artistic presentation.

In Rising Stars, the series, we get up close and personal with our chefs, as our Rising Stars leave the kitchen and enter the dining room. The drama that unfolds as we visit with the chefs in their restaurants will be unscripted and the focus will be on the chef as they share their inspiration, motivation, challenges and their unique and personal perspectives. Rising Stars, the series, is all about the chefs, the kitchen, the restaurant, the menu, eating great meals and enjoying the complete dining experience.

'Rick Barry's Incredible Celebrity Fishing Adventures'

Executive Producers - Dennis Gelbaum & Rick Barry

'Rick Barry's Incredible Celebrity Fishing Adventures' will be honest, simple and more about spending time with friends and going to exciting and beautiful places…than it is about learning the techniques of catching fish - although that will happen for sure! When we have a guest 'guide', they will be exceptional, smart, clever and very patient with our series host and celebrity guests. The interaction with the ‘guys' and nature will be pure magic. With beautiful locations to enthrall the 'guys', it will be easy for the viewers to feel the joy in each and every episode. Viewers won’t just watch this show - they will experience and participate along with Rick and his celebrity guest (s).

The real success of the show will come from Rick Barry's presence, the way he interacts with the celebrities and the way the series is shot (we will be shooting in HD) and edited. The pacing will be pleasant, relaxed (but not slow) and flawless. We are sure that at times things will even be a bit hectic, maybe even a bit hilarious - but always real. Conversations will take place in fascinating places and will be very natural - as if the viewer is there, eavesdropping on the 'guys'. We'll never know what (or whom) they will be talking about. And we'll never know who might join them on a trip - perhaps a famous chef shows up to cook a special meal - Bass 'n' Beer or Southern Fried Bass cookin' on our outdoor grill. I can smell it. I can taste it. Are you ready?

A few other projects in various stages of development:

NAAME - Native American Arts Music Experience - a tour and multi- media event/experience celebrating Native Americans' history, culture, language, arts, fashion, food, music, etc.

Dorm Chefs - reality series - searching for the best 'chefs' in American college/university dorms.

American Showgirl - reality series - searching America for the most talented, most beautiful woman - with the fantasy of becoming a Las Vegas Showgirl.

We Be Jammin' - reality series - searching for America's best jam band.

Can Your Dog Talk? - dogs can talk - if you really listen.

Welcome to America - a documentary featuring those who came to America with nothing and have made it - living the American dream.

Westside High - a soft scripted drama about high school kids, dance and music.

I Am Woman - a documentary that celebrates woman's spirit.

Girls With Wings - a documentary about women who fly.

Wine Country - reality series - think Sideways meets Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - we visit vineyards producing the wines celebrities love most and those wineries owned by celebrities.